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Promoting Qt Kinetic and Animated Layouts

It’s always nice to promote cool things like the work that guys are doing with Qt Kinetic. MoRpHeUz commented my previous post and mentioned that there is ongoing work in Qt Kinetic for animated layouts. They try to release that stuff with Qt 4.7 or 4.8. Check the video above how the animated layout stuff works.

I actually saw the original post when it was published on last February, but it is always good to remind folks of what kind of coolness some of the lucky ones are working on. I added another cool video of what’s happening in Qt world in mobile side below. Even though these are just demos running on N900 and on N97 they look really promising. This is just the kind of stuff that reminds me why I’m working in IT industry.

If you are interested in what’s happening in Qt Kinetic I believe that you might want to follow these blogs:

There are kinetic developers hanging on #qt-kinetic channel if you want to contact them directly.

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  1. ciloman ciloman

    This is a great addition to QT Development tools. But I must say, it would be best if separation of code and ui is employed. Rather than UI code and Javascript embedded. And to be honest, I hope QT moves forward and develops a true Object oriented language (not Java though) of its own. Along the lines of C#/Java/VB.Net, but more intuitive.

    // use frameworks
    Include QML.SomeClass;

    //declare class

    Class MyClass Inherits SomeClass Use ISomeinterface

    // declare variables and constants etc..

    Int myAttributes;

    /* Constructor and Destructors
    Public MyClass()

    // some code here


    Private ~MyClass()
    //some code here

    // Properties

    Public Int MyAttribue
    return this.myAttribute;
    this.myAttribute = value;


    // Methods

    Public MyMethod ( Int args, …) Returns Int
    // Some code here



    This reads like English. It is intuitive, and simple. It Use the best approach of all languages. You don’t need to be a programmer to understand this. I hope I sparked a future thoughts for you guys. Hopefully a native compiled language. I call it QCode 🙂 LOL.

    I understand the value of c++ for maintaining legacy call and fan boys happy. But if you want to make a mark for the future. You need to approach the future, by looking into the future. Lessons learned in the past, move forward and improve on what was learned. You can cater to both C++ and the Future.

    You have the most Multi-platform Gui framework. With the most Multi-platform language. But the language is a legacy.
    It is not true Object Oriented, and complex to even look at. It is non-intuitive. It is a Hack of the past.

    Seriously though, I hope you like my brainstorm and build on it.

  2. ciloman ciloman

    I would also like to add, that I hope it also is in your future to target the web as well as the desktop with QML.

    Adding to the previous brain storm.

    Include QML.SomeFramework;
    Alias SF = QTM.SomeFrameWork;
    Alias SC = QTM.Framwork.SomeClass;

    NameSpace MyFramework

    Class MyClass Inherits SomeClass Use ISomeinterface


  3. zchydem zchydem

    ciloman@ thanks for your comments. I agree, that ui and code (logic) should be separated. Personally I think that for example in QML I’d rather define the UI in QML, but the code is done in application code in C++. This is doable even right now. I can set QML component /object’s properties from C++ code, which is really nice feature. At the moment, I guess, Trolls would be happy to receive any kind of feedback of QML because it’s still under development.

    What comes to your proposal of developing a new language “QCode”, it sounds an interesting idea. Maybe you should make a proposal directly to the Trolls or to the #qt-kinetic channel in freenode, but sadly I’m not one of them. I’m just a guy, who’s interested in Qt. Maybe some day if they decide to open an office to Finland I could try to apply there, but probably I’d need to have more competence even to get to the interview.

    Oh yes.. Merry Christmas to you:)

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