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Killing Time in San Francisco & MeeGo Party in the Backyard

I was in Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2010, but as you probably know, everyone’s is stucked here now. As many of my friends have said, the San Francisco is not the worst place on earth to get stucked. I tried to get a flight to the southern part of Europe this morning, but it was impossible. Update: I manage to get flight to the Madrid for Tuesday. After that I decided to do some work and I wrote an article about the Collaboration Summit. You can read it from here.

Instead of staying the whole day in the hotel room,  I headed to the Fisherman’s Wharf to the Bay area. The weather was nice and I met my new Swedish friends Jonas and Linus there. I’ve been hanging around with these two guys here in SF for couple days now.

Jonas and Linus

The picture above is actually not from the Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s from the Apple Store nearby the Union Square.

It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a toy stores for kids from San Francisco. All the department stores here are just full of clothes, accessories etc. So while I was trying to find something for my son I took couple of picture from piers.

Picture from Pier something...

There were also these funny sightseeing tours. I just wonder from where all these ideas come from.

After having a coffee with my new friends we decided to go a barbecue party that was organized by Finnish kernel developer called Tony Lindgren. When we crashed into the Tony’s place there were quite a many familiar faces like Quim Gil, Sakari Poussa and two other guys that I met at the Hotel’s breakfast this morning.

Tony the master and the others
Sakari Poussa, Jonas Romfelt and Ronan MacLaverty
Quim Gil & Patrik Flykt

So Tony’s barbecue party was like a smaller MeeGo party where everyone had really good time. I guess this is also a one reason why you should be part of the community – if you get stucked in any place in the world, the community can also help you and organize nice parties:)

After a short discussion with Tony I realized that I’ve seen him before in Kaarina, Finland, where I used to go to school and hang around a lot when I was teenager – it’s such a  small world.

It’s still unsure how and when I will get back to Finland. I managed to book a flight to Madrid for Tuesday, but I still have the old flight scheduled to Paris on Tuesday also. Let’s see where I end up.

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