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FREE QtQuick and KDE Plasma event, Sep 7th in Helsinki

I will promote Cybercom’s FREE QtQuick & KDE Plasma event because I’m partially responsible of it. As you may have noticed, I like Qt so therefore I’m very glad that my employer is willing to pay all the fun:)

The event will be September 7th in Technopolis, Ruoholahti, Helsinki, Finland.

So first of all, there will be kick ass speakers: Alexis Menard, one of the developers behind Qt Quick and Marco Martin, who is responsible of what happens in Plasma Netbook project. Here are the videos that Alexis and Marco have made about their presentations:

Alexis Menard:

Marco Martin:

The Idea of the Event

The idea of the event is to have interesting topics, good speakers and to let the audience to participate in the event. Yes, if you have a Qt based, especially Qt Quick based project, you can demo it in the event. Don’t forget to mention that in “request invitation form”. So basically we are “spreading the word of Qt” and we want you to be part of it.  You can checkout the agenda from here:

Remember that the event is FREE, but you must request an invitation there. We wanted to keep it that way because the amount of seats is limited. You can request an invitation from here:

If you want to demonstrate your project, then you have a bigger change to get invited. Of course we want to get there as many people as we can fit in the room.

Another way how we want audience to be involved in, is to have discussion there. Yes, you can ask questions, raise some issues if you have found something that might be problematic or just give feedback how do you feel about Qt Quick or Plasma.

Of course you are also welcome to the event if you are just interested in Qt and what’s happening in the Qt world. You don’t need to be hardcore developer or developer at all.

Let’s hope that we will see there bunch of people and will will have a good event.

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