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QuickFlickr Available at Extras Devel

Here is the latest video about the latest version of QuickFlickr on N900:

New features and future plans

I have spent little time for making QuickFlickr more mature and improving its usability. The following set of features have been implemented:

  • Latest uploads from contacts
  • Contact photostream
  • Single image details: views, tags, description, comments, displaying image details in a webview, displaying a webpage from link inside the description
  • Favorites: viewing your favorite images, adding and removing a favorite image
  • Recent activity: display number of comments and favorites of your images, displaying and adding comments

Future improvements and new features:

  • Displaying a “loading” indicator during loading / waiting
  • Displaying information about people that have your image as a added a fave
  • User’s groups and image pools
  • Uploading a picture to Flickr
  • QML based viewfinder and possibility to take a pic from N900’s camera

Lessons learned

QuickFlickr is not “ready” yet and I have plans to continue development, mainly because I want to use it as my number one Flickr client. In the beginning I had difficulties due the constantly changing declarative API, but now pulling the latest sources from git haven’t break anything lately.

This is my list of lessons learned so far:

  • XmlListModel doesn’t handle everything yet. It will be improved to support e.g. lists
  • Think when you are implementing delegates! QML is so easy to use that you can accidentally make stupid design decisions e.g. adding a one webview for each delegate:)
  • If something is not visible, then you don’t necessarily  need to create object, or start loading content from a web. Remember this is not always the case e.g. to give better UX you might need to define buffer for ListViews so that they know when to start loading images.
  • Prefer to use  models like XmlListModel or QAbstractItemModel instead of using custom made models e.g. QList<QObject*>. I made this mistake and after removing the custom model and moving to use XmlListModel, I could get rid of hundreds of lines of C++ code.
  • Think well the C++ interface that is exposed to QML side. After I re-factored the C++ interface, the development cycle of adding a new flickr interface call and building the QML UI on top of that shortened remarkable.
  • On N900 I have problems to make Image element to load images. Everything else seems to work over the network, but occasionally Images just don’t get loaded.
  • Use QML if you want to  do your UI quickly!

QuickFlickr Availability?

I have made a debian packaging for QuickFlickr. It’s available from extras devel repository. Remembember that I consider this package to be only in alpha state. USE IT YOUR OWN RISK AND THERE’S NO WARRANTY!

Addition: Fixed the title. QuickFlickr is available at extras devel. I should stop writing these articles in the middle of the night.

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