Going to Qt Developer Days 2010, Munich

I’m going to  Qt Developer Days 2010 next week.It’s be my first time there, and I can’t wait to see all the interesting presentations. My employer is paying my trip so I’ll write something about the event to Cybercom Channel. Here’s the list of technical sessions that I have planned to check out:

About the keynotes, the DreamWorks presentation sounds very interesting. I can’t wait Troll Happy Hours and the dinner part too. I’ve heard that last year the dinner was a nice event.

I sure hope that it’ll be a fun trip and it’s also nice to see faces of irc nicks. Oh, yes because my trip is sponsored by Cybercom I can promote here that we will have a booth/a presentation area there where you can checkout some demos for example RdUX demo i.e. QML based multitouch concept device and this music client . Maybe event something more…

Cu there!

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