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Greetings from the Qt Developer Days 2010

I was at the Qt Developer Days 2010 in Munich last week and it was my very first Qt Dev Days ever. If I understood it right, the location was also different than it used to be (but not sure about that). The Dolce hotel was very crowded, but all the audience seemed to fit there just fine.

I’m not going to go through each presentations that I went to see, but I followed Qt labs presentations mostly. The reason for that was, that I think from labs you can see pretty much where things will go in the near future and I want test new technologies before they are officially released.

I amazed how much Qt Ambassadors were promoted there. They promoted Qt Ambassadors in the keynote presentation video too. I haven’t wrote anything here, in my blog  yet, but I was also accepted in that program few weeks ago. I didn’t receive my Qt Ambassador stuff before the event, but Kathy Barrios from Qt Development Frameworks brought some goodies for me there.

Qt Ambassador Stuff

I was really surprised that they gave N8s for all the Qt Ambassadors there at the Dinner with Trolls event. Thank you for that! I haven’t been so much into a Symbian world, but at least now I have a proper device if I want to test Qt development on Symbian platform. Now I’m just waiting, if they will put QuickFlickr to the showcase area of the Qt Ambassador web page. Let’s see what happens.

Only thing that didn’t go as I planned was, that I couldn’t schedule advanced Qt certification exams in my calendar at any point. Partially  it was my own fault to leave that for the last day and in that day the last free slot for doing the test was too late because my plane was leaving bit early. Well, I will go there asap those exams are available.

I want to thank all the Trolls who were organizing the Qt Developer Days 2010. You did a great job and I had fun there. I hope that I will be able to participate there next year too. Thank you!

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  1. Lucky one.. i did the stupid competition with wish on my mind to gain a prize of N8 … better luck next time LOL

    zchydem: i love your blog! Hope to meet you and a have a chat.

    • zchydem zchydem

      skatronix: Thanks a lot! I think you’re from Turku? If that’s the case, we can have a lunch sometimes?

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