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My Social Media Experiment

When I started to blog about one year ago, I thought that it would be only a small experiment how to use social media such Twitter, Youtube and WordPress together and then sit back and watch what happens. It wasn’t like that. It actually requires quite a lot of effort to blog. Now that I’ve been experimenting this about a year, it’s time to write something about it. But first I want to thank you that you have read my blog.

So here are the facts.


  • 42 blog posts and and over 90 comments
  • 113969 hits and 35612 unique visits from 150 countries and territories
  • Most visits from Finland, USA, United Kindom, German and France
  • Most visits from Nokia Group Network
  • About 60% of visitors have visited more than once and 40% are first timers
  • The most used mobile device is iPhone, the second is Android

About Blogging

I can make the following conclusions based on my one year experience of blogging. Here are the rules to get some readers.

  1. Make sure that your blog has a real target audience and your blog is specialized to some specific area. For example I chose Qt, Maemo and Linux. Those are something that I consider to know something and I’m motivated to write blog articles of those topics.
  2. Be unique! There are bunch of blogs, which copy-paste something that others write. Don’t do that! Try to write something that others haven’t written much about.  I’m not saying that my blog is unique, but I haven’t found too much similar kind of stuff from other blogs. Nowadays more, but before not so many.
  3. Keep your blog active. The trend is pretty straight forward – the more often you write, the more readers you will get.
  4. Try to aggregate your blog feeds to other services. For example my blog has been aggregated to Planet Maemo and to Planet Qt.
  5. Make sure that you have time to write blog articles. This is important! I used to have more time for blogging, but not lately. Therefore I haven’t written too many technical blog articles recently. They require quite a huge amount of time to prepare e.g. get sources, build them, try to learn how things work, do something based on your new knowledge and write an article about it. Yes, blogging can also take some time.
  6. Use social media services to spread your word such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. It’s quite easy to link these services together for example when write a new article, wordpress will create a new twitter tweet about it.
  7. If you use twitter, try to get your followers to retweet your tweets about your new blog entries.
  8. Google will also help too. Make sure that google finds your blog.
  9. Tag your blog articles.
  10. My English is far from perfect, but usually people can understand what do you mean even though you have typos and bad grammar.

There are probably something more too, but this is pretty much the basics what it requires to make your blog successful. And remember when you start to blog and you will get many readers, you might also start to feel that you must write new articles, just to keep your readers happy. That might be a pain too.

Benefits of Blogging?

This of course depends on what you are blogging about. My blog is fully related on my professional career, but the benefit has been that I’ve got pretty good job offerings since I started blogging. Still, I’m working for the same company that I was working before starting the blogging. Money isn’t everything and it does’t make much sense to change from one consulting company to other.

You will also get pretty interesting contacts from other developers and the people that might be interested in the same kind of stuff that you are. You might have an effect on something, like when I was doing the series of MeeGoTouch review articles, I’ve got feedback that MeeGoTouch developers that they actually changed something based on my articles. That’s pretty much the best feedback that you can get. The very same series of articles also started discussions in different forums and that’s also one purpose of  my blog.

The Future of Zchydem’s Blog?

I’m not going to quit blogging, but because of lack of time, I’m not able to write as many blog articles compared to early days of my blog. The next topics for  blog articles will be Qt Scene Graph and iPhone related topic. At least that’s the plan so far. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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Marko Mattila
Marko Mattila is a nerd, father, husband, snowboarder, photographer, mountain biker, runner and I love open source.

This is a blog, where I share my thoughts about technology or sometimes about life in general.
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  1. kypeli kypeli

    Great stats! Your articles are always of very high quality so I am sure they must take a lot of time to prepare. The articles are always a very interesting read and it’s nice that you go a bit deeper on the technical details on a specific topic. I really hope you can continue with this in the future too.

    And of course it was your blog that inspired me to start writing something on the Internet too 😉 But I’ve never reached your level and probably never will.

    All the best!

    • zchydem zchydem

      @kypeli Thanks for those kind words, but don’t underestimate yourself. I’m sure you are able to write very high quality blog articles and you already have 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!

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