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Developing QuickFlickr for N950

I had a little break of developing Qt stuff, but after receiving N950 from Nokia, I decided to continue with QuickFlickr development. The original target HW for QuickFlickr has always been Nokia’s next “linux phone”. Even though, Nokia kindly gave me two Symbian devices, I never got so excited to do development on Symbian platform/devices.

I also feel responsible for continue my Qt Ambassador project (I need to update the project page. It’s so out-of-date) too, so here I am now, with a one preview video where QuickFlickr runs quite smoothly on N950. Let’s watch it first:)

The video above is quite heavily edited because the lack of my video shooting skills. With editing I mean that I did stupid things while shooting the video so I cut few clips away.

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Promoting QtFlickr API

Couple days ago I found QtFlickr API written by Evgeni Gordejev. You can check it out from As the name QtFlickr implies, it’s a Qt API for using Flickr API. It provides a simple interface for request creation, response handling and photo uploading. It’s a very small layer, only 5  classes and two structs. Like Qt, the QtFlickr can be run in the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Symbian and Maemo.

The main class QtFlickr basically provides a nice wrapper class with convenience methods. See the interface below:

QtFlickr( const QString &apiKey,
   const QString &apiSecret,
   QObject *parent = 0 );


void setToken ( const QString &token );
QUrl authorizationUrl ( const QString &frob,
   const QString &perms = "write" );

int get ( const Method &method,
   const Request &request = Request(),
   void* userData = 0 );

int post ( const Method &method,
   const Request &request = Request(),
   void* userData = 0 );

int upload ( const Photo &photo,
   const Request &request = Request(),
   void* userData = 0 );


void requestFinished ( int reqId,
   Response data,
   ErrorData err,
   void* userData );

void uploadProgress ( int percent );

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